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by John James Staughton

Since it’s inception, the goal of modern art has been to engage the viewer, eliciting questions and forcing them to change their conception of what art "means". The fascinating art of Fanch Ledan is no exception. Through his eye-catching and stimulating work, Fanch embodies the ideals of modern art like no one else.

Fanch Ledan began his artistic career in 1968 at the renowned Ecole Superieures des Sciences Commerciales in Paris. It was there that he discovered the depths of his talent and embarked on his lifelong journey into the world of art. After developing his skills amidst the vast history and artistic traditions of France, he traveled the world, experiencing the rich cultures and unforgettable imagery in some of the most awe-inspiring places on earth. The memories from these travels inevitably made their way into his body of work and continue to inspire him to this day. The majority of his art combines realistic depictions of places he has known with a subtle tinge of surrealism, a movement which has always intrigued and inspired him.

At first glance, much of Fanch’s work is landscapes within typical domestic scenes, a sitting room with a brilliant view of a lake, or a parlor overlooking a beautiful garden, but the true beauty of his art lies beneath the surface. As the viewer delves deeper into the scene, details begin to draw one’s attention. These intimate "Windows to the World" are much more complex than initially meets the eye. Upon closed inspection, the angles don’t all match up, proper architectural tenets are ignored, and the normality of the scene begins to disappear. By using a room and a window as the basic subject matter, Fanch invites the viewer into the scene itself, as though the art and the viewer are instantly combined in one reality. But the surreal aspects of the room and the landscape upon which it looks somehow create a harmonious discord within the mind.

Along with the bold use of color and the often mind-bending perspectives, Fanch also integrates furniture, artwork, sculptures, and minute details to give the scene a sense of occupation. A resident of these "interiorscapes" could have just walked out of the room, leaving their reading glasses and cup of steaming coffee behind. This sense of immediacy pervades Fanch’s work, and the Mediterranean breeze can almost be felt through the open windows of a chateau overlooking Lake Como. The artwork adorning the walls is a very special element to Fanch, and he often pays homage to great artists of the past and present in his work. Picassos and Cezannes dot the walls, mobiles by Calder and brass sculptures from Agam fill the cluttered end tables, adding new dimensions to the scenes and providing the viewer with a deeper appreciation not only of Fanch’s skill, but of his ability to connect all the dots within his mind.

These is nothing superfluous about Fanch’s art, every detail is planned and serves a pre-determined purpose within the work. This dedication to perfection and depth is why the work of Fanch Ledan stands alone in its own unclassifiable style. His exceptional scenes offer new experiences and reveal new secrets every time they are looked at, giving his oeuvre a sense of perpetual evolution rarely achieved in modern art.